Seminars - 21/04/2016

Dr Sébastien Clément from Montpellier is spending a couple of weeks in Mons as a visiting scholar. He has proposed to give us two seminars on his recent work.

Thursday April 21 at 11:00,  Linus Pauling room:

Functionalization of P3HT-based hybrid materials for photovoltaic applications

Friday April 29 at 15:00,  Linus Pauling room:

Designing conjugated polyelectrolytes for optoelectronic applications

Seminar - 09/05/2016

Patrick Trouillas from Limoges will come and visit us during the week of May 9. He has kindly proposed to give two seminars on his recent work:

Monday May 9 15h30, Linus Pauling room:
"Interaction of small molecules with biological membranes: Insertion / partitioning / crossing at an atomic resolution"

Friday May 13 11h, Linus Pauling room:
"Pigmentation and copigmentation in natural compounds: Insights from theory and experiment

Seminar - 15/04/2016

On Friday 15th of April, we will have the pleasure to welcome Dr. Marie Trévisan, from Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal, CNRS, Bordeaux.

Marie will give us a seminar entitled "Functionalization and Characterization of Particles for Biological Applications"

The seminar will be at 11h00 (room to be announced soon).