Professeur Philippe Dubois

- 17/08/2015

StephenSpinella (fourth-year Ph.D. Student) is laureate of the 2016 ACS CELL DivisionGraduate Award. Stephen is pursues a dual doctoral degree in polymer sciencebetween New York University, under the supervision of Pr. Richard Gross, and the Université de Mons in Belgium, under the supervision of Pr.Philippe Dubois and Dr. Jean-Marie Raquez. His research interests include themodification of polysaccharide nanocrystals, polymer nano-composites, polymerblends, reactive extrusion, enzyme catalyzed polymerizations and bio-basedmaterials. To date, he has authored three first-author papers and twosecond-author papers. Stephen will defend his thesis in Mons on Aug. 28 and inNew York on Sept. 22.