Professeur Philippe Dubois

2nd SUSPOL-EJD Summer School
- 13/06/2016

This school about organocatalysis and sustainable polymers will aim at excellence in developing high quality training for doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers, who are the future leaders in the area of Sustainable Organocatalysis and Polymers. In this school that will be held in Brussels between the 12 and the 13 of September of 2016, 17 worldwide experts will give a talk related to sustainable polymerization processes. Speakers both from academia and industry will give a nice overview about green aspects related to the production of different types of polymers, about how to transition from petroleum based materials to renewable resources based materials and about how to move from organic solvent based processes to organic solvent free processes. This school will give to researchers an ideal scenario to learn the new trends related to sustainable polymers and organocatalysis and to train the future worldwide leaders in sustainable polymerization processes. 

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