Philippe DUBOIS

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Philippe Dubois, Ph.D. in sciences, is full professor at University of Mons (UMONS, Belgium) and honorary senior research associate of the Belgian FNRS. He is currently director of the Center of Innovation and Research in Materials and Polymers (CIRMAP, ca. 160 persons) and Vice-President of the Institute of Research in Sciences and Engineering of Materials (Materials Institute, ca. 290 persons). Prof. Dubois is Scientific Director at Materia Nova Research Center in Mons and Past-President of the Belgian Royal Chemical Society. His expertise covers organic chemistry, macromolecular chemistry and applications in biomedical and electronic fields, catalysis in polymer materials, melt (reactive)processing/engineering and physico-chemical and thermo-mechanical characterization of nanocomposite and nanohybrid materials, incl. biodegradable polymers and biosourced polymers. He has authored ca. 560 peer-reviewed scientific publications (h-index:68, citations: 22500), 30 book chapters, 8 books and scientific special journal issues, and is inventor of 64 patents. Ph. Dubois is member of the editorial board of 15 leading journals in the field of polymers and composites. Ph. Dubois is currently Vice-Rector/Executive Vice-President of scientific research at UMONS and elected titular member of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Belgium.

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